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This site is a dedication to and a resource for Crosman Ratty pistols and rifles. I am keen Crosman modder (going by the name of "droid" on the various airgun forums) and you will see below some of my own favourite 2240 pistols.

To read more about the pistols and rifles in my collection please see the links below.




1701P Silhouette (rehomed)

1701red220 New arrival in the armoury.

Just added some Vernon Austin Grips.

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Shiny Gun (rehomed)

shiny220 Latest custom gun.

Another full brass John Small build.

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2300s The Daddy (rehomed)

2300s3sml New arrival in the armoury.

Just added the Arkmaker LH breech.

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Plain Jane 2540 (rehomed)

jane sml This is a project I have planned for a long time.

Meant to look stock at first glance. But it ain't really ;)

.25 Calibre, P-Rod 2 stage grip frame, Custom anodised front and rear sights and safety bar.

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2250XL Wire (rehomed)

2250XL220 A nice lightweight 2250XL Build.

Wire stock from USA. Peasngravy silencer

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Scaramanga 2040 Gun (rehomed)

rssm0 The Scaramanga "bullet" 2040 Gun is my latest project.

Full brass custom build including brass grip frame.

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Geordie 2260 (rehomed)

gs2260 03 This 2260 has just been assembled with a fantastic one off Geordie stock. Made by master craftsman Mr Gordon Bell. I am looking to add some hardware when I actually see something that will enhance the look.


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Bluefork Bullpup (rehomed)

bfbpsml This is a one off Bullpup made by Bluefork Designs.

Originally built around a Discovery it is now modified to make it suitable for the UK, it is now quite a bit shorter and is centered around a 2260 CO2 set up.

Just added the 16" barrel, just having a think on how to mount the laser sight now.

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Bluefork Build (rehomed)

BF1220This project was built to see how far I could go without using any Crosman parts at all in my build.
In the photo spec there is a rear part of the original valve that remains. So technically it is still a 2240 ?


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DAQ 2540 Build 1 (rehomed)

daq220 DAQ .25 Cal Breech and Barrel + More.

Some very rare parts on this one.


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Sam Tussing Gun (rehomed)

Tussing220 Sam Tussing Breech + More.

First ever aftermarket for 2240 ?


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B-Rod Marauder Bullpup (rehomed)

pupnewsmlThis is no Ratty but is a recent project that is undertaken. Based on a .25 Marauder Rifle and using a Spanish Bullpup kit.

Very Edgun like stock and is topped off with a nice tactical scope.

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