steel breechOne of the most popular mods on the 2240, 2250 and 2260 is to replace the standard plastic breech for an aftermarket one, typically steel, alloy or brass.

One of the benefits of adding an aftermarket breech is that most do come with a machined rail which will allow you to add a scope to your gun.

To continue to use fixed sights you must choose a breech with either a rear flat to allow original rear sights to be used or one with a dovetail that will allow the LPA MIM sight to be used, as on the 2300T pistols. (As pictured on the left)

Popular breech suppliers in the UK are GMAC, SD Custom and T R Robb. If you are prepared to search farther afield there are some very unique breeches available.

It is worth noting that most of the aftermarket breeches come in Left hand and Right hand versions. I am right handed and use both but I do now prefer the left hand versions for my pistols which feels more nautural and right hand for my rifles.


Later guns, the King Ratcatcher, 2300s and 2300t models also have an optimised breech with the small breech screw positioned to the rear, see picture on the left. This gives a better loading of the pellet. It does require a suitable main tube though, later ones having both screw positions and earlier ones only having the front position.

 Standard breeches are single shot as per the standard pistol but a company in the USA BNM Airguns does manufacture a multishot version utilising a Marauder magazine. GMAC in the UK now also manufacture a multishot breech.

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