Two Stage Trigger Kits

An excellent way to upgrade the trigger on your 22xx series gun is to use the Crosman 1701p trigger group.

To the left you can see the standard 22xx series trigger group compared to the upgrade 1701p two stage trigger group.

The unit is a direct swap but first you must swap out the 22xx series hammer with either a 1701p hammer set or with a custom or modified 22xx series hammer.

The ever useful JB weld


For my 2300s build I used a Mr Ped custom stainless hammer, shown below along side a standard notched 2300 / 2250XL hammer.

You can also modify your own hammer by filling the standard groove around your hammer (which is no longer required for the new two stage sear) with a product called JB Weld which is a sort of putty that hardens to become metal like.




A picture of a JB Welded hammer modded this way is shown here to the left. Be prepared this can be a messy sticky job.

Note, later guns such as the 2250XL used a rear position small breech screw and this requires a notch in the top of the hammer. It is still possible to fill this type of hammer but the notch is required for clearance on these hammers. Standard no notch hammers it is easier to fill all the way around.


You can buy the 2 stage trigger from GMAC   here


Note: For the 13xx series guns the tube is slightly different and a minor mod will be required to the underside front slot or the sear.

We have a range of stainless and brass rebolt kits still available. See the for sale section for more details. Or visit here for our eBay shop

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