One of the most effective mods for a 22xx series gun is a good silencer, especially if plinking in the back garden.

There are many types on the market and I have used most types. You can either use a slip on version oe a screw on type which will require and adapter. My current favourite type is the A&M Twink. This is a screw on type and requires an adapter. Other favourites are Hogan Decimeater as used on my bullpup MRod and the excellent HW silencer.

Another brand I use on my guns is one made by Matt Winser. Matt's silencers are custom made, very efficient and Matt makes them in a slip on version to suit the Crosman barrel. Picture to the left shows his latest model the MWSS235. This is quite a large silencer but Matt does make them in smaller sizes.

To contact Matt please request his details via the contact us form.




 To use a screw on standard 1/2" UNF silencer you will need to use an adapter shown here on the left. To fit you will have to remove the front sight from your barrel (Gently tap it off) and it just slips on and it is retained with a grub screw.



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